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The Expedition

The Expedition

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Wiki under sail -  Image copyright: Patricia Lascabannes

Help Save the Med (HSTM) is a unique non-profit multimedia & educational initiative with a strong focus on youth engagement. Our goal is to inform and inspire global audiences to protect and sustainably develop the Mediterranean region for present and future generations. Through the perspective of WIKI, a 104-year-old classic sailboat embarking on a 1000-day expedition to visit all 24 Mediterranean countries, we aim to explore how the 'Great Sea' has changed over the past century and outline the essential actions needed to protect and ensure its well-being for the years to come.

Media and Outreach

Through credible writing, filming, photography, cartooning and social media, our storytelling will address key threats to the Med from climate change to the erosion of cultural heritage. It is equally important that we  highlight innovative solutions that can be replicated worldwide.  We will also tell positive, original and exciting stories, about the culture and traditions of the Mediterranean basin.

Our Media Partners:


We will collaborate with various key actors from: historians, scientists and aid workers to concerned communities, companies and institutions such as the United Nations, Plan Bleu, Médecins sans Frontières and the World Ocean Observatory. Our original content is available for free in the public interest, and our editors can help partners communicate in a manner readily understood by all.

Our Knowledge Partners:
Education and Youth Workshops

Education and Youth Workshops

As part of WIKI’s Centennial Expedition, our veteran team of journalists and filmmakers will work as mentors with our HSTM YOUNG LEADERS and VOLUNTEERS to develop public awareness and inspire action. From Marseille to Alexandria, Istanbul to Gibraltar, these media experts will share their knowledge and experience at hands-on ‘bootcamps’ aimed at high school/university students and young professionals to hone their communication skills to help kickstart their careers.


Expedition Sponsors


Expedition Patrons

Sacha & Mathilde Lichine

Yacht Club Partners


Spartan wins Gstaad YC Centenary Trophy 2023

Maritime Partners

Call to Action

Act Today!

Whether a sailor, entrepreneur, academic, student, farmer, journalist or policymaker, we are all on the same boat. It is our ‘Med’ that is at stake. You can help. We need your ideas, engagement, sponsorship and financial backing.

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